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  • The Healing Food of Jeanette Chen

    by Rose McInerney
  • Paris Women & the City of Lights

    I love the “City of Stars” music from the recent Oscar-nominated movie, La La Land. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling…

    by Rose McInerney
  • International Women’s Day

    My mother grew up in Turkey in the 1950’s.  What I loved most about her was her flowing hair that…

  • The Case for a She-Shed: Why Every Woman Needs One

    Taking Time to Think Ever find yourself dreaming about how to escape life? Who doesn’t but how many of us…

    by Rose McInerney
  • The World in a Shoe

    Sonya Bata founded the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada, creating a history of global footwear and shoemaking that might…

    by Rose McInerney
  • “Tea time” in Bejing is “me time” everywhere!

    Climbing the Great Wall of China makes you thirsty. So after our arduous early morning trek up one small section…

    by Rose McInerney
  • All The Tea In China

    My husband claims I bought all of the tea in China – or at least, that’s what he said when…

    by Rose McInerney
  • China’s Leftover Women

    Leftovers are wonderful unless you’re a Chinese woman, unmarried and over the age of 25. Traveling in Beijing, I met…

    by Rose McInerney
  • Sydney’s Irish Orphan Girls

    My family jokes that you only need to visit the prisons in Ireland to follow our family tree. If a…

    by Rose McInerney
  • Bridge to WomenScape

    So maybe the Sydney Harbor bridge was extreme but I wanted to climb to the top of the world to…

    by Rose McInerney